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by Emmy award-winning journalist, Romona Robinson

Poor Girl, Rich Life,
Growing up in rural Missouri, Romona Robinson was in the bottom 99 percent of this country. But God would put her on a path of prosperity and purpose.
She believes Poor Girl, Rich Life will inspire you to belive and trust that God wants to prosper you too!
Sometimes, through no fault of your own, life smacks you in the face, drains your money, and leaves you wondering what to do next, where to turn, and how to climb out of the “money mess” in which you find yourself. At those times, we tend to turn to God!
This book also examines how the Lord holds us accountable for the money, talents, and time He has given us. He wants us to use them wisely — for our good and for His glory. It also brings into focus a childhood phenomenon we all suffer from called: “money trauma” which has a direct link in how we will spend, save and share our money.

Your Voice is Your Power,
If you have been controlled by voices of fear, failure, and doubt, you’re like thousands of women who feel trapped by fear and circumstance. Romona Robinson knows this all too well. As an Emmy award-winning anchor and author, she has interviewed thousands of people who are struggling in jobs and careers they hate, strapped by their finances, children not measuring up, relationships gone bad, or poor health. They have grown weary, searching for answers about why God has not come to their rescue while everyone else is seemingly living their best life.

In “Voice is Your Power”, Robinson hopes to answer these questions through personal stories that silenced the voices of fear, anxiety, and insecurity in her own life. “The truth is I was living a lie, blinded by who society said I should be,” says the author. “Sometimes we have to speak our truth and have courage in order to move past the problem.”

It was through 30 years of interviews and community work that Robinson discovered the power of sharing her story. People had questions for her. “Women and girls in particular would ask: how were you able to push past life’s roadblocks?” Robinson realized that her stories had the potential to help others who were facing similar challenges.

Robinson’s memoir A Dirt Road to Somewhere, was met with “an outpouring of support.” But readers had more questions, and Robinson had more stories to tell, so now in “Your Voice is Your Power” Robinson writes intimately and honestly about the challenges she’s faced, from losing a job to losing a parent, equipping readers with the tools to start using their own voice and overcoming whatever obstacle is holding them back.

“I hope the stories in this book will help people realize that they have the power within themselves to move past those voices of fear that hold them back,” says Robinson.

Every person who walks away from fear is a blessing. They teach us valuable lessons.

Having fear is not a sin, its just a strong emotion that will tear us into pieces if we sit in it.

From the Author

In writing Your Voice is Your Power, I want to help transform lives through my own transparency. If you’ve been stuck in a dead in job, worried about finances, your kids or  so controlled by your pain that you miss God’s purpose, read how your voice and those you listen to can become your power.

“A Dirt Road to Somewhere”
At the heart of my memoir A Dirt Road to Somewhere is the message that not every closed door we encounter is a bad thing. God knows that as long as we’re comfortable, we won’t move.

We don’t always like it when God tests our faith. It may not feel good, and we may not understand the reasons for it, but we have to have faith God is working on our behalf, and we will come through the storm. At times, God sent turmoil, betrayal, and loss into my life in order to force me into my purpose.

My wish in writing A Dirt Road to Somewhere is that you will be moved and motivated to walk in faith and not fear. Having fear is not a sin; it is simply a strong emotion that will tear us into pieces if we sit in it. Every person who walks away from fear is strong in their own way, and they can teach us valuable lessons.

– Romona Robinson

Part of the proceeds will be donated to organizations I’m passionate about that serve the needs of children of all ages.