Romona’s Kids

Romona’s Kids has become an institution in Cleveland, as I have been fortunate to touch the lives of over four thousand kids.

I started the segment in 1990 as a way to showcase children who are excelling in school and giving back to their community.

It’s has been my life’s passion to encourage kids to reach their dreams by sharing lessons of determination, hard work, and perseverance. 
Romona’s Kids was born out of the lack of positive television stories being told about inner-city children in Northeast Ohio.
I’ve seen first hand all of our kids have the capacity for greatness.


We have the opportunity—in big and small ways to help all of our children create futures, that are as big and as bright as their dreams.


Fun Facts about Romona

  • She’s an avid Cleveland sports fan.

  • Romona had a pet pig.

  • At one time, her bowling average was 160.

  • She’s teriffied of frogs.

  • She was baptized in the Mississippi River.

  • Sardines and crackers were her favorite childhood snacks.

  • Her friends call her the “Karaoke Queen.”


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